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Fluna Tec Gun Coating 300ml

Fluna Tec Gun Coating 300ml
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Engineered For Use By Olypic Shooting Teams. Cleans, Lubricates And Protects In One Application!
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Fluna Tec Gun Coating Aerosol 300ml

Without a doubt the BEST Oil on the market !

FLUNA GUNCOATiNG ­is­ a ­heavy-duty­ ceramic­ coating ­for ­all ­types­ of­ firearms ­and ­knives.­
FLUNA­ GUNCOATING­ has­ excellent­ lubricating­ qualities.­ It­ is­ free­ from­ residue­ and­ creates­ a­ transparent,­ dry­ film­ on ­the ­treated­ surface.­ Its ­PTFE-structure­ bonds ­firmly­ with ­the ­treated­ surface­ and­ provides ­long-lasting­ protection­ against ­corrosion,­while ­the ­ceramic­ structures ­give ­the­ weapon ­a­ high-polish effect.­ The ­functionality ­and­ efficiency­ of­ the­ weapon­ is­ maintained­ even­ in­ very­ low­ temperatures,­ and­ the­ shooting­ precision­ is­ increased.­
FLUNA GUNCOATING is suitable for metal and plastic. Even older weapons will shine after a single treatment.

Transparent, residue-free, non-greasing coating

Suitable for all types of firearms and knives

Diminished dust adhesion

Highly temperature resistant (from -40 °C to +750 °C)

Long-lasting effect, high protection against corrosion

Highly economical

Resistant to sea and fresh water

The ­high-performance ­coating ­acts­ like­ a­ ball­ bearing­ between­ galling­ surfaces.­ The­ PTFE/ceramic­ mixture­ has­ a­ long- lasting­ effect.­ It­ gives­ the­ weapon­ a­ high-polish­ look­ and­ diminishes­ dust­ adhesion,­ providing­ maximum­ protection­ from corrosion. FLUNA­ GUNCOATING evens out microscopic small cracks and grooves and smoothens the treated surfaces­ enduringly.­ Thus­ reduces­ wear­ to­ a­ minimum­ and­ improves­ the­ shooting­ performance.

FLUNA­ GUNCOATING­ is­ suitable­ for­ almost­ any­ metal­ and­ plastic­ surface,­ even­ gold­ and­ silver­ ornaments­ remain­ protected for a long time. FLUNA­ GUNCOATING can­ be­ applied­ to­ all­surfaces.­It­ thus­ provides­ all-round­ protection­ for­ all­ parts­ of­ the­ weapon­ (pistol­ slides,­ barrels,­ triggers,­ bolts­ of­ any­ kind,­and­cartridge ­chambers).

Smoothing ­the­ treated­ surfaces­ largely­ prevents­ gun powder-adhesion.­The­ non-greasing­ and­ residue-free­ lubricating­ characteristics of FLUNA­ GUNCOATING­ prevent­ malfunction­ and­ jamming­ in­ firearms.

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